Consigner's Information Page

Welcome to Kickedout Consignment! We're thrilled to have you join our consignment community. Please take a moment to review the guidelines below before submitting your listings:

Listing Requirements:

  1. Item Condition: All items must be in new condition with no damages.

  2. Single SKU Sizes: List only one size for a SKU at a single location. Exceptions can be made for very high-demand items; please message us to determine eligibility for multiples.

  3. Check Availability: Prior to listing your item on our consignment portal, verify that it's not already available in our inventory. For example, if Kickedout West has 1 Military Black Jordan 4 in 7Y, and Kickedout East has 0, please submit your listing at Kickedout East. Do not list an item if both locations already have it.

  4. Shipping: You are responsible for shipping the item to us and covering return shipping costs if necessary. If the item sells elsewhere, we can pack and ship it to the buyer for a fee of $5 plus the cost of the shipping label (or provide us with the label). This fee applies only to withdrawals unrelated to our store. If the item needs to be returned to the sender via shipping, there will be no fee other than the shipping label cost.

  5. Local Consignment: Local consigners can drop off all inventory at either location, even if the item goes to another location. We will handle the transfer for them.

  6. Packaging: To prevent damage during shipment, ensure all items shipped to us are packed in a well-maintained box with proper packing materials. Boxes arriving with damage will be reported to the consigner. If the box is severely damaged due to negligent shipping practices, it will be returned at your expense.

  7. Pricing Guide: Join our consignment to view our guide.

  8. Item Acceptance: Note that we may deny certain items due to space limitations. We aim to carry high-demand items to ensure quick turnover rates.

  9. Payout: Payouts must be requested. You can request a payout as soon as the item sells, but expect 1-7 days for us to approve and process the payout due to deposit time for the sale to reach our account.

  10. Contact Us: If you have questions or inquiries, the quickest way to reach us is through Instagram:
Order Cancellation: Products from orders that are cancelled will not be paid out and will be relisted. Items are cancelled occasionally due to fraudulent online orders.

Consigner's Fee:

Our consignment rate is 25% or $20, whichever is greater, plus a 3% cashout fee. The listed payout amount is the consignment rate after the cashout fee and consignment rate.

Consignment Portal:

Click here to access our consignment portal!

Thank you for choosing Kickedout Sneaker Consignments! We look forward to working with you and maintaining a thriving consignment community. Happy consigning!